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Xtreme  Team

United Talent Tumbling

The Xtreme Team is transitioning from a performance based team to a competitive Youth Acrobatics & Tumbling team. We will use the upcoming year to hone our skills and techniques, gain understanding of the youth division and build a strong team to compete in the 2022-23 season. With Acrobatics & Tumbling growing rapidly at the collegiate level, this is a great opportunity for our youth to learn techniques and skills that can assist them in not only the sport of Acro & Tumbling but also Cheer and Stunt! 


Acrobatics and Tumbling consists of multiple skill sets to include Acro (similar to cheer stunts), tosses, tumbling, Pyramids and at higher levels a team routine. Not only will your child learn athletic skills but also how to work on a team, communicate, problem sole, learn to trust others and gain a whole new group of friends! 


This year, the team will be by invite or private audition only. Tryouts will be held for following years. This is a year long commitment so please take that into consideration if you are interested. 



Mandatory team practice: Thursdays, 7:30-9:00pm 


For more information about our Xtreme Tumbling performance team please contact our front office (502) 863-1002 or Terry at

Registration Fee:  $25.00
Tuition:  $105.00 Per month

Tuition price includes team practice and 1 additional hour per week of the appropriate level tumbling class for your child.

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