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COVID 19 Policies

United Talent 

  1. If a student or staff member is experiencing symptoms or has a fever or 100.4 or higher, please do not attend classes, rehearsals, or practices.

  2. As of Monday, February 28, 2022, United Talent will be mask optional and no longer required for ages 3 and up in our facility. If you prefer that your child remains masked and is under the age of 6, please let us know so that we can help facilitate that in class.

  3. Observation for parents will continue on the current schedule. Parents are welcome to enter to drop off/pick up their child. We still ask that no parents remain in the building unless it is your scheduled observation week.

  4. Please note that United Talent staff retains the right to return to mask required if needed. 

  5. Deep cleanings of our facility including high touch areas and equipment are completed weekly.

  6. Upon a positive covid test, we ask that you follow CDC guidelines and/or Physician advice regarding quarantine/return to activity. 

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