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Arts Class Schedule

United Talent Arts

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Fall 2022 Schedule

Fall Registration begins Tuesday, July 5th at 12pm. Classes begin Monday, August 8th. 

New Classes within UFAA for 2022:

Movement for Actors (age 7+): Actors have to be able to move their bodies in order to convey the emotions they are feeling, or represent a character. Movement for Actors focuses on basic dance footwork, exploring choreographic transitions, formations and pathways, along with stage presence and rhythmic exercises.  Best taken in conjunction with our UFAA Musical Theatre (Broadway Buddies or Emerging Artists) class, or if you are in a performance based company and want work on the dance part of being a “triple threat”. This class will not participate in any performances/recitals. 

  • Dress Code: athletic/fitted clothing (ie,. t-shirts, gym shorts, leggings) and dance shoes (ie., jazz shoes, ballet shoes), tennis shoes, or barefoot is acceptable. Please no jeans, no dresses (without shorts underneath), no sock feet. Long hair should be pulled-back out of face. 

Intro to Acting (ages 4-6): Students will be introduced to acting skills, body awareness and story telling.  There will be a final parent performance on stage in December to showcase skills learned. 

Rising Star Acting (age 7+): Each student will learn as they go how to audition, practice memorizing, and learn the basics of acting. The acting training will be Meizner based with repetition, emotional development and improv.  No experience required, any experience appreciated.  There will be a final performance on stage in December to showcase skills learned.

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