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Class Descriptions

United Talent Tumbling

United Talent’s tumbling program builds on skill progression. Beginning with basic motor skills, body awareness, and balance for our youngest students to advanced techniques for our most elite athletes. An overview of each class we offer can be found below.

Sub Beginner
Level 1 Tumbling:
 No experience or skills required. Elements focused on to include: basic positions; headstands, rolls, bridges, stretching and strength. Increasing balance, control and strength to build a foundation of technique for the upper levels. 

Level 2 Tumbling:
 Must have all required level 1 skills proficient. Improving on inverted skills, bridge variations, preparations for limbers and backbends. Continued flexibility and strengthening to ensure safety and a strong foundation of technique. 

Advanced Beginner
Level 3 Tumbling:
 Must be proficient in executing all level 2 skills. Elements include: Increased abilities in limbers, back bends and kick overs.  Introductions to walkovers, round offs, and back handsprings. Increase in strength building, body positioning, and proper technique for upper level skills to come.

Level 4 Tumbling:
 Must be proficient in executing all level 3 skills. Independently working to execute front and back walkovers, back handsprings, and connected round off back handsprings. Introduction to front walkover step outs, front handsprings, back handspring series, and front and back tucks. With increased skill difficulty, a higher emphasis is placed on strength building, flexibility, body control, and proper technique.

Level 5 Tumbling:
 Must be proficient in executing all level 4 skills. Strong focus on standing back handspring series as well as from a round off. Standing back tucks and independently working to connect back tucks to a round off and back handspring. Introduction to layouts, whips, and front tucks on the floor. High emphasis placed on strength building, flexibility, body control, and proper technique.



Back Handspring/ Back Tuck Combination Class

This class is designed for and focused on the back handspring and back tuck. Athletes will learn and improve all aspects of the back handspring/ back tuck. The class will focus on both the standing back handspring, back tuck, running round off back handspring, round off back tuck and combinations of back handspring and tuck skills.  Students who enroll in this class should be proficient in backbends, backbend kick overs and/or back walkovers as well as round offs. 

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